We are proud to announce the official release of our brand new gamemode, Prison!
We've been working on this gamemode for the past 10 months and are thrilled to finally be able to release it!

Release Date

The Prison Alpha release takes place June 1st, 2024, at 3:00 PM EST. Keep in mind this is an Alpha release, so bugs are expected. We will be handing out rewards to users reporting critical issues in our discord.

What is Prison?

Prison is a gamemode where you mine blocks to obtain better enchants and become the richest on the server! Join a gang to compete for the beacon leaderboards and win the season.


We have a private mine system where every player gets their own prison mine!
You can even invite your friends to your mine so they can mine alongside you. Expand your mine by ranking up, every 10 ranks will expand your mine's radius by one block. You rank up by selling the blocks you mined in your backpack (/backpack). You can also open your mine to the public by using the /mine public command, this allows players to visit your mine. Taxing players who are using your mine is also a possibility using /mine settaxrate <tax-rate>.

Custom Enchants

All players get their own, soulbound, pickaxe. Players can right-click while holding this pickaxe to manage this pickaxe (pocket-edition players, use /enchant please). Upgrade your enchants using tokens obtained from mining in your mine.

Each prestige will unlock an additional set of custom enchants you can obtain.

Available Enchants

  • Explosive - Mine a square area, area expands are you upgrade the enchant.
  • Jackhammer - Mine an entire level of blocks
  • Nuke - Mine the entire mine in one swing
  • Zeus - Strike lightning in the mine, destroying the nearby radius
  • Laser - Shoot a laser that will destroy the blocks on its path
  • Fortune - Increases the amount of blocks dropped from mining
  • Token Finder - Increases the amount of tokens found while mining
  • Haste - Increases your mining speed while holding your pickaxe
  • Speed - Increases your movement speed while holding your pickaxe
  • Fly - Allows you to fly while holding your pickaxe
  • Night Vision - Gives you night vision while holding your pickaxe
  • Raining Anvils - Spawns explosive anvils onto your mine
  • Enchant Finder - Chance to level up a random enchant while mining
  • Token Rush - Upon trigger, you will receive twice as many tokens while mining
  • Double Layer - Upon Jackhammer trigger, provides a chance to break a second layer


Every mine comes with its own dedicated plot allocated to it, on this plot you can build your wildest dreams! Additionally, you can also become a vendor on the server and place down chestshops, allowing you to buy and sell items from and to other players.


Conquer the dungeon and obtain crazy rewards! The dungeon has up to 4 levels. Dungeons will activate every 3 hours.


Join a gang on the server to compete for the beacon leaderboard! The top 3 gangs on this leaderboard will receive a store giftcard every week. Beacons are randomly found while mining. Every gang can have up to 8 gang members!


Acquire cool cosmetics to flex on other members of the server! The following cosmetics will be available on release; Pets, Tags, Chat Colors, Hats and Pickaxe Skins.


Every 1000 ranks, a player can prestige in order to receive rewards and unlock new enchants!

Thanks for reading!

This isn't nearly everything that prison has to offer, we hope to see you on release to check it all out!

A dev blog behind how we facilitate all of this technology will follow soon!