Honeycomb, a versatile resource in Minecraft, is essential for crafting beehives, honeycomb blocks, and candles. Obtaining honeycomb involves interacting with bees and their hives, a process that can be both fun and rewarding. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to successfully harvest honeycomb in the game.

Understanding Bees and Beehives in Minecraft

Bees are a neutral mob in Minecraft, found in plains, sunflower plains, and flower forest biomes. They collect pollen from flowers and return it to their beehives. Beehives and bee nests are crucial for honeycomb production.

Locating Beehives and Bee Nests

  • Natural Generation: Bee nests naturally generate in flower forest, plains, and sunflower plains biomes.
  • Beehive Crafting: Players can craft beehives using planks and honeycomb.

Preparing for Honeycomb Harvesting

  • Safety First: Bees become aggressive if their nest is disturbed. To avoid being attacked, use a campfire to calm the bees.
  • Campfire Placement: Place a campfire directly under the beehive or bee nest. The smoke calms the bees, allowing safe honeycomb harvesting.

Harvesting the Honeycomb

  1. Wait for Honey: Bees will enter their hive and produce honey. Once the hive is full, it changes appearance, showing honey dripping.
  2. Use Shears: Equip shears and right-click on the full hive or nest to harvest the honeycomb.
  3. Collect the Honeycomb: Three honeycombs drop from a full hive or nest when sheared.

Crafting with Honeycomb

  • Beehives: Craft additional beehives using wood planks and honeycombs.
  • Honeycomb Blocks: Combine four honeycombs in a square pattern to create a decorative honeycomb block.
  • Candles: Honeycomb can be used along with a string to craft candles.

Tips for Efficient Honeycomb Farming

  • Flower Planting: Plant flowers near beehives to increase pollen collection by bees.
  • Multiple Hives: More hives mean more honeycomb. Space out hives to optimize bee movement.
  • Breeding Bees: Use flowers to breed bees, increasing their population for better honey production.


Harvesting honeycomb in Minecraft is a unique and enjoyable aspect of the game. With the right approach and tools, you can easily collect honeycomb and use it for various crafting recipes. Embrace your inner beekeeper and enjoy the sweet rewards!

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